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Remembering anything doesn’t have to be a painful process. Learn Faster and Remember Longer with our varieties of topic games to boost your classroom performance.

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A Quiz app with a Constructive Learning Pattern

In most cases when we struggle to remember things, it is not that we’re not smart, it’s simply because we have no Constructive Learning Pattern. Quizac is built on decades of proven cognitive science concept to help predict the most effective pattern of review to ensure maximum retention in the shortest possible time.

Quizac offers students the fastest way to learn & retain Knowledge

Learn Faster

Learn Faster

With Quizac’s learning model, students can now concentrate on what needs to be learned without ever thinking of what has been forgotten.

Improve Performance

Improve Performance

Quizac is focused on turning your classroom topics into games that would make direct impact in your performance.

Study Anywhere

Study Anywhere

Digital study tools making learning more fun, allowing you to maximize efficient even at your leisure time.

Have Fun

Have Fun

Quizac is driven by the necessity to learn, and the privilege to remember and the desire to have fun while doing it. It’s pretty hard to get enough of Quizac’s gaming experience.

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Learn and have fun while at it.

Benchmark your Progress

Compare your commitment levels with friends and learners around the world.

Track Performance

With our mastery prediction of topics after each game, we can tell you when you’re on learning steroid and when you need a bit of push to keep going.

Smart Learning

Learn smarter using Quizac’s reviewed flashcards that provide detailed explanation of each questions attempted.

Tangible Rewards

Earn Gems as a compensation for your improvement. These can be used to claim real rewards in the Quizac store.

Leader Board

Refill your energy to keep winning by measuring where you stand on the leader board both locally and globally.


Take the learning excitement to a new level by staging a multiplayer game with students in your education level.

Since time immemorial, students have often devised ways of overcoming the “big hurdle” of studying. With technology, things have perhaps improved as geeks develop one new technology or the other to make coping with academics easier, and possibly...

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